Leevers Supermarkets operates 31 grocery stores throughout the Front Range of Colorado and Mid-Atlantic region offering an independent choice in shopping.

We operate Save-a-lot, El Mercado De Colorado, and Leevers Locavore stores, giving our customers the opportunity to save up to 40% on their groceries, every day.

Our family has been providing quality, value, and service to our customers for over 80 years.


For three generations, Leevers Supermarkets have been bringing low prices and quality products to all of the communities we serve.

Norm Leevers founded Leevers Supermarkets in Devils Lake, North Dakota in 1938 when he opened his first IGA store.

Since then, the Leevers family has seen many changes throughout over 80 years in business. Through many different banners in many different communities, we have continued the legacy that started with our Grandfather, and continued with our father Jack.

We currently operate 29 Save-a-lot stores in Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic. The company is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado.


Colorado Locations

Save-A-Lot, Marlee
4255 W Florida Ave
Denver, CO 80219
PH: 303-935-0880
FAX: 303-935-4002

Save-A-Lot, 6th
15220 E. 6th Ave
Aurora, CO 80011
PH: 720-343-2011
FAX: 720-343-2012

Save-A-Lot, 74th
3045 W. 74th Ave
Westminster, CO 80030
PH: 303-339-2610
FAX: 303-339-2613

Save-A-Lot, Pueblo
1110 Bonforte Blvd
Pueblo, CO 81001
PH: 719-544-6057
FAX: 719-544-6074

Save-A-Lot, Greeley
816 25th St
Greeley, CO 80631
PH: 970-356-7498
FAX: 970-356-7541

Save-A-Lot, Pecos
4860 Pecos St
Denver, CO 80221
PH: 720-235-3900
FAX: 720-235-3901

Save-A-Lot, Montbello
4874 N. Chambers Road
Denver, CO 80239
PH: 720-510-2724
FAX: 720-510-2725

Save-A-Lot, Colo. Springs
405 S Circle Dr
Colo. Springs, CO 80910
PH: 719-520-5620
FAX: 719-520-1813

Save-A-Lot, Longmont
1750 N. Main St
Longmont, CO 80501
PH: 720-864-8060
FAX: 720-864-8065

Save-A-Lot, 84th
630 W. 84th Ave
Thornton, CO 80260
PH: 303-468-6290
FAX: 303-468-6291

Save-A-Lot,  Federal
1951 S. Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80219
PH: 303-407-0430
FAX: 303-407-0435

Save-A-Lot, Commerce 
7290 Monaco St
Commerce City, CO 80022
PH: 303-288-1747
FAX: 303-288-7603

Save-A-Lot, 104th
1000 West 104th Ave
Northglenn, CO 80234
PH: 303-452-4586
FAX: 303-452-5756

Save-A-Lot, Leetsdale
7150 Leetsdale Dr #350
Denver, CO 80224
PH: 303-321-2821
FAX: 303-321-2125

El Mercado De Colorado
11505 E Colfax Ave
Aurora, CO 80010
PH: 720-343-2195
FAX: 720-343-2196

Leevers Locavore
2630 West 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80201
PH: 303-433-4055

Corporate Office
500 Wilcox St
Castle Rock, CO 80104
PH: 303-814-8646
FAX: 833-623-0112

Mid-Atlantic Locations

Save-A-Lot, Castor
6412-6422 Castor Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19149
PH:   215-533-5498
FAX:  215-533-5897

Save-A-Lot, Frankford
6801 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19135
PH:   215-338-1470
FAX:  215-338-1471 

Save-A-Lot, M Street
3901-29 M St
Philadelphia, PA  19124
PH:   215-535-6911
FAX:  215-535-8608 

Save-A-Lot, E. Lehigh
2132 E Lehigh Ave #2158
Philadelphia, PA  19125
PH:   215-426-8256
FAX:  215-426-8274 

Save-A-Lot, Woodland
5800 Woodland Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19143
PH:   215-429-1316
FAX:  215-729-1426

Save-A-Lot, Allegheny
400 W Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19133
PH:   215-426-3125
FAX:  215-426-3126 

Save-A-Lot, Broad
4424 N Broad St
Philadelphia, PA  19140
PH:   215-324-3982
FAX:  215-329-0159 

Save-A-Lot, W Lehigh
701 W Lehigh Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19133
PH:   215-226-2431
FAX:  215-221-5602

Save-A-Lot, Hamilton
2465 S Broad St
Hamilton, NJ  8610
PH:   609-888-3674
FAX:  609-888-3767

Save-A-Lot, Olden
1560 N Olden Ave
Ewing, NJ  8638
PH:   609-396-0329
FAX:  609-396-0713

Save-A-Lot, 49 Lehigh
2101 W Lehigh Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19132
PH:   215-225-7868
FAX:  215-225-7316

Save-A-Lot, Cheltenham
101 W Cheltenham
Cheltenham, PA  19012
PH:   215-782-3880
FAX:  215-782-3882 

Save-A-Lot, Pennsauken
3949 Federal St
Pennsauken, NJ  8110
PH:   215-324-9444
FAX:  215-324-2449

Save-A-Lot, Dauphin
2801 W Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA  19132
PH:   215-225-3783
FAX:  215-225-3697 

Save-A-Lot, Rising Sun
5201 Rising Sun Ave
Philadelphia, PA  19120
PH:   856-663-9636
FAX:  856-663-6224


Welcome to the Save-A-Lot Montbello Community Room! If you’re looking for a space to host meetings, trainings or classes, you are welcome to use the Community Room free-of-charge! The room includes a working kitchen, 7 tables and 15-20 chairs for seating, a TV, whiteboard, and kitchen supplies for you to check out and use!

Save-a-Lot in Colorado strives to do more than provide quality and affordable food, it also wants to support its customers efforts to be healthy. It is our hope you will join organizations like Cooking Matters, Clinica Tepeyac and Athletics & Beyond in using the room to offer classes on nutrition, cooking or whatever your expertise is on.



Looking for advancement?

For 3 generations, the Leevers family has been helping our workforce advance in the grocery industry. Get started today with an Associate’s Degree or Certificate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Supermarket Management from the Community College of Denver!


Get your education…on US!

In the tradition of our founder, Norm Leevers, our family works to provide opportunity for our employees.


Seeking empowerment?

Leevers Supermarkets is working with the Community College of Denver to provide education assitance for qualified individuals seeking to advance with the company. Establish yourself today with a scholarship from Leevers Supermarkets and prosper with a career in Supermarket Management!


We would love to hear from you

Mailing Address

Leevers Supermarkets, Inc.
500 Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO  80104
303-814-8646 ext 117
303-814-8645 fax




PH: (303) 814-8646